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The Research Institute of Advanced Materials at the University Jaume I (Institute of Advanced Materials, INAM) created by Generalitat Valenciana on May, 4th 2015, is conceived as a centre of interdisciplinary science and technology in the fields of physics, chemistry, and related fields, applied to advanced materials, with vocation towards the progress of the socioeconomic environment and scientific excellence with international influence and impact.

Interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers from different areas provides the ability to address novel research areas, thus allowing the emergence of innovative ideas and high-impact discoveries. The different research teams at INAM hold a common vision of research excellence, always willing to promote quality and innovation over quantity and repetition. The general scientific aim of INAM is focused on the development of scientific research lines based on Advanced Materials for three main areas:

  • energy
  • optoelectronics
  • catalysis

The scientific-technical interest of INAM is oriented towards excellent science on fundamentals and theory, being focused on applications; hence operating between natural and artificial systems. In order to achieve substantial innovations, INAM will strengthen fundamental research for understanding and unravelling basic processes, as well as the physical and chemical interactions of molecules and materials. Developed Advanced Functional Materials will be integrated into devices such as photovoltaic cells, electrochemical sensors, batteries, light-emitting gadgets, and others. The results of applied nature will be transferred to the productive system to contribute to an economy based on creativity and improvement of living conditions. Therefore INAM will promote substantial advances in the frontiers of knowledge and likewise support new production lines.

INAM starts the scientific and technological activities with different Research teams headed by experienced group leaders with recognized scientific careers of great international impact. INAM Principal Investigators are: Juan Bisquert, Eduardo Peris, Germà Garcia Belmonte, Francisco Fabregat Santiago, Ivan Mora Seró, Beatriz Julián, Macarena Poyatos and Sixto Gimenez. The leadership and qualified research and technical staff of the Institute, guarantee to perform a research activity aimed at results of high scientific impact, as well as the achievement of competitive projects and contracts with industry. An appropriate environment for the design and development of materials and devices will be created, and a variety of advanced physical and chemical characterization techniques will be tuned up to allow unprecedented levels of control and knowledge. The management team will adopt the resources and strategies needed to take a leading and pioneering role in these areas.



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    Institute of Advanced Materials
    Edifici Investigació 1
    Universitat Jaume I
    Avda. Sos Baynat s/n
    12006 Castelló de la Plana