1 Predoctoral Research Position European Research Project ALEAF

The post is available as part of the A-LEAF project funded by the European Commission (H2020 FET Proactive Call). The objective of the project is obtaining a photoelectrochemical device for the direct conversion of water and CO2 into fuels and chemicals (CO2 reduction) and oxygen (water oxidation) using exclusively solar energy. The role of the INAM-UJI team is mainly related to the characterization and optimization of the performance of interfaces with spectroscopic and photo-electrochemical tools to identify the best matching between light absorbers and chemical catalysts along optimum working conditions (pH, temperature, pressure).

The project requires a multidisciplinary approach from the synthesis of materials to the structural, chemical and photoelectrochemical characterization of materials and final devices, including also an important feedback from theoretical analysis of materials and interfaces. We encourage applications from researchers with high-level skills directly relevant to the synthesis and characterization of multinary metal oxides, water splitting and CO2 reduction catalysts and optoelectronic devices prepared with them who can make a strong contribution to the project.

The Ph.D. student will develop an experimental work under the supervision of Dr. Sixto Gimenez. Experience on some of the preparation and characterization techniques described above for the postdoc profile will be important. This work will allow the PhD student to defend a Doctoral Thesis at the end of her/his contract.

General skills and characteristics for the PhD. Student are:

• Strongly motivated to develop a scientific research career.
• Excellent results obtained during the studies graduated.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Fluent in English.

Specific skills of the applicant should include:

. Synthesis of inorganic materials
. Experience in structural, optical and photoelectrochemical characterization of materials

The project coordinator is Dr. Sixto Gimenez Juliá. This is a four years project.

Deadline date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017PDF icon 17 09 25 ALEAF job description predoc.pdf

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