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How to arrive to Castellón

The most convenient way to get to Castellón and the Universitat Jaume I from abroad is by plane to Valencia (65 km). Other options are to arrive in plane to Barcelona (285 km) or Madrid (415 km) and then by train to Castellón railway station.

The railways system in Spain is run by the state owned company RENFE:

Phone: + 34 902 240 202.

Coming by plane and by train


The airport is located at Manises, about 8 km from Valencia. Flights from the main cities of Spain and Europe land there. Moreover, Valencia has connecting flights via Madrid and Barcelona for destinations all over the world. At present, several low cost companies operate also in this airport.

Valencia Airport Telephone: +34 961 59 85 00

To arrive to the city you can take a taxi or the subway. A taxi from the airport to the main railway station in Valencia (Estació del Nord). It takes around 25 minutes and costs 15-25 euros.

The subway line to the railway station are 3 and 5. At this link you can see the a map and the schedule. The metro station corresponding with railway station is called Xativa.

Once at the Estació del Nord, take a local train (called "Cercanías") to Castellón (line C6). There are several automatic machines in the hall where you can buy your ticket.

You can check express trains timetable to Castellón from Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona in RENFE.

From Barcelona (ESTACIÓ DE SANTS) take an express train for going directly to Castellón. Express trains to Castellón depart every two hours (more or less).

From Madrid (PUERTA ATOCHA) there are only two daily trains which go directly to Castellón. However, there are more frequent trains to Valencia.

There are local trains from Valencia to Castellón every 30 minutes (around 4 euros). It takes 1 hour to arrive to Castellón from Valencia.


All flights arrive at Barcelona International Airport.

When you arrive to Barcelona Airport, take a local train ("Cercanías"; there is only one train line, called C1, or sometimes just 1) to go to the main railway station in Barcelona, called ESTACIÓ DE SANTS.

You can access the Airport train station by following the RENFE signs, walking through a white and red elevated bridge that you'll see as soon as you walk out the terminal (there is only one bridge, and there are signs indicating the train). Trains depart every 30 minutes from 6:13 am to 11:40 pm. You must get down in ESTACIÓ DE SANTS. It takes 25 minutes from the Airport to SANTS (Price: 2.15 EUR; credit cards not accepted).

From Barcelona (ESTACIÓ DE SANTS) take an express train for going directly to Castellón. Express trains to Castellón depart every two hours (more or less).


All flights arrive at Barajas International Airport. Telephone: + 34 902 353 570

The most convenient trip is Madrid-Valencia-Castellón by train from the railway station "Madrid-Puerta Atocha". To arrive to this railway station you can take a taxi or the metro.

By Metro. Line 8 (pink line - Madrid underground map) takes you to the City Centre (Nuevos Ministerios Station) from the airport. Then, you must change (at least twice) to arrive to the railway station (in Atocha Renfe, Line 1).

By taxi. One way trip from Madrid Barajas Airport to the city center costs around 25-35 euros.

From Madrid (PUERTA ATOCHA) there are only two daily trains which go directly to Castellón. However, there are more frequent connections to Valencia. From here you can take a local train to Castellón (every half hour).

Coming by car

Universitat Jaume I is located outside Castellón. Leave the motorway A7 in CASTELLON NORTE (exit 46) or CASTELLÓN SUR (exit 47). If you take exit 46 (CASTELLÓN NORTE) you must then take the N-340 towards Valencia until the railway station. Turn right following the signals Universitat Jaume I.

From CASTELLÓN SUR, follow to CASTELLÓN SUR until the first traffic circle, then turn left and follow the signals Universitat Jaume I.

Once in CASTELLÓN: How to reach UJI

At the railway station there is a taxi stand and different bus-stops just outside the main gate. One of the buses goes directly to the university: it carries signpost with the word "UNIVERSITAT" so you can see this map of CAMPUS.

Also, from the Castelló train Station (In Paseo de Morella) a TRAM goes every 10 min to Universitat Jaume I. The University is located outside Castellón, 25 minutes walking from the railway station. Here you have a diagramatic map.

One time you stay at UJI, you could meet personal administration in office NA3305DI, this is on third floor (you will read the indications near elevator).

Where to sleep

Short term visitors

Hotel Luz:

Hotel Luz Castellón (****) located 15 min from UJI
Direcció: Pintor Oliet, 3. 12006 Castellón.
Telf.: +34 964 201 010. Fax: +34 964 201 011
Price: individual room 63 € (with breakfast)

Click the image to see the map:

The "Campus" University Residence

It is open all year round and offers 250 individual rooms for students at Universitat Jaume I (UJI). This option is more suitable for students who are going to stay for the whole academic year, although rooms can also be booked for a semester. The residence is on the University Campus, behind the Library and the Sports Pavilion. The Campus is a 10-minute bus ride away from the town center.

Prices for the 2016/2017 academic year:

  • Only accommodation: 308 €/month (does not include electricity and water bills).


We recommend you book your room as early as possible. This can be done by simply sending an e-mail.

Contact information

Residencia Universitaria Campus Riu Sec
Universitat Jaume I
12006 Castelló de la Plana
Tel. 0034 964 73 08 30

Other Residences

Mare de Deu del Lledó (Mixta)

C/Orfebre Santalínea, 2
12005 Castelló de la Plana
Tel. 0034 964 55 88 70

El Maestrat (Mixta)

Avda. Hermanos Bou, 26
12003 Castelló de la Plana
Tel. 0034 964 22 04 57

Domus Maria (Mixta)

C/ Bisbe Climent, 24
12001 Castelló de la Plana
Tel.: 0034 964 22 30 41

Accommodation in a flat or apartment

We recommend you look for a flat once you are in Castellón. Meanwhile, you can find temporary accommodation in a residence or boarding house.

Prices of shared flats are usually around 150 € per person per month. The average price of a three-bedroom flat is about 450 €/month. This does not include the price of electricity and water, which comes to be about 50 € per person per month.

The owners usually ask for a month's rent in advance plus another month as a deposit, which they will return when the leasing agreement ends, provided that the flat is left in good condition. If any serious damage has been done, or if you leave the flat a long time before the agreement ends, the owner will be entitled to keep all the deposit.

Temporary accommodation

We advise you to stay in temporary accommodation until you decide which the most suitable option for you is. We recommend you to stay at:

Hotel Location Phone number Prices
Zaymar** Historiador Viciana nº6 0034 964 25 43 81 Between 40 and 70 euros
Abba Castellón**** Pintor Oliet 9 0034 964 34 46 00 Between 50 and 70 euros
Luz Castellón**** Pintor Oliet 3 0034 964 20 10 10 Between 50 and 70 euros
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