Modelling of TiO2-Perovskite Interface

Master defense
Agustín Bou
INAM, Department of Physics
When: Friday, July 7, 2017 - 10:00
Where: Seminari NA1123DS. Edif. Invest. I

Perovskite-TiO2 interface has become crucial for the operation of perovskite solar cell devices. In this work, I present an equivalent circuit for the impedance spectroscopy response of these devices which we calculated for a previous model that was developed for explaining the accumulation in the PVK-TiO2 interface. This circuit explains unique behaviours such as the inductive loop and the negative capacitance. To get more insight, I show the results from the modelling of this interface by solving the Poisson equations on both sides, for the cases of depletion and accumulation.

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