Thi Tuyen Ngo

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Doctoral Candidate
Research Division Dr. Iván Mora-Seró
Contact Information:
Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM)
Universitat Jaume I
12006 Castelló



ACS Energy Letters, 2018, 3, 1044-1048.
Pitarch-Tena, D.; Ngo, T.T.; Vallés-Pelarda, M.; Pauporté, T.; Mora-Seró, I.
Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements in Perovskite Solar Cells: Device Stability and Noise Reduction.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122, 5341−5348.
Contreras-Bernal, L.; Aranda, C.; Vallés-Pelarda, M.; Ngo, T.T.; Ramos-Terrón, S.; Gallardo, J.Jesús; Navas, J.; Guerrero, A.; Mora-Seró, I.; Idígoras, J.; Anta, J.A.
Homeopathic Perovskite Solar Cells: Effect of Humidity during Fabrication on the Performance and Stability of the Device.


Advanced Materials, 2016, 29, 1604056.
Ngo, T.T.; Suárez, I.; Antonicelli, G.; Cortizo-Lacalle, D.; Martínez-Pastor, J.P.; Mateo-Alonso, A.; Mora-Seró, I.
Enhancement of the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells, LEDs, and Optical Amplifiers by Anti-Solvent Additive Deposition.
ChemSusChem, 2016, 9, 2679-2686.
Pascual, J.; Kosta, I.; Ngo, T.T.; Chuvilin, A.; Cabañero, G.; Grande, H.; Barea, E.M.; Mora-Seró, I.; Delgado, J.Luis; Tena-Zaera, R.
Electron Transport Layer-Free Solar Cells Based on Perovskite?Fullerene Blend Films with Enhanced Performance and Stability.
Nanoscale, 2016, 8, 14379-14383.
Ngo, T.T.; Suárez, I.; Sánchez, R.; Martínez-Pastor, J.P.; Mora-Seró, I.
Single step deposition of an interacting layer of a perovskite matrix with embedded quantum dots.
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