1 Predoctoral position part time No-Limit project (Consolidator Grant, European Research Council)

The post is available as part of the No-LIMIT European Research Council Consolidator Grant project.
The objective of the project is boosting photovoltaic performance by the synergistic interaction of halide perovskites and semiconductor quantum dots. Photovoltaic conversion has the extraordinary property of transforming the solar energy directly into electric power. However, the available electrical power is known to be severely limited by the so-called Shockley-Queisser (SQ) photoconversion limit. The maximum efficiency for a single absorber is limited as photons with energy lower than the bandgap (BG) cannot be absorbed, and just an energy equivalent to the BG can be used for photons with higher energy than the BG, due to thermalization. No-LIMIT will exploit the interaction between halide perovskite and semiconductor colloidal quantum dots and the resulting synergies to break the SQ limit. The achievement of this ambitious final objective, together with the intermediate steps, will have a colossal impact on photovoltaics.
The project is coordinated by Dr. Iván Mora Seró. Please, check Research Division 4 Physics at INAM.

There is a Position for a Graduated on Physics, Chemistry or Engineering

Applicants need to have as many skills as possible of the next list:

• Experience in perovskite thin film deposition by different techniques.
• Experience with the use of flexible substrates.

General skills requested are:

• Strongly motivated to develop a scientific research career.
• Excellent results obtained during the studies graduated.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Fluent in English.

Deadline date: 
Friday, December 15, 2017PDF icon Part time Graduated Job description

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